Our Team original soundtrack

Josephine - Owner

I am Gordon's daughter and have recently inherited the business. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or issues with the website (let's hope there are few!)

This was my dad's pet project/hobby and I intend to run it the same way he had for going on 15 years.

Happy shopping!

Gordon - Founder

Our founder, who recently passed away leaving the business to his daughter Josephine.

Gordon always intended this website to be a hobby and travelled the world in search of weird and wonderful soundtracks to list for you guys.

We hope you enjoy this website as much as Gordon enjoyed contributing to it.

Nuria - Consultant

Gordon's wife and chief supporter of all things soundtrack

Pak Chong -

This is a Thai dog Gordon photographed in the market in Pak Chong. Someone had drawn eyebrows on the poor soul. This is our version of  'Nipper' the HMV dog. This is 'Pak Chong' thesoundtracktoyourlife dog.