Braveheart: More Music & Dialogue

Braveheart: More Music & Dialogue  Format: CD
Composer: james horner
Label: decca 458 287-2
Year: 1997
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track listing
1 Prologue: 'I Shall Tell You Of William Wallace' (Narration: Robert The Bruce) 3:35
2 Outlawed Tunes On Outlawed Pipes 2:03
3 The Royal Wedding (Narration: Robert The Bruce) 2:12
4 'The Trouble With Scotland' (King Edward The Longshanks) 0:40
5 Scottish Wedding Music 1:14
6 Prima Noctes 1:46
7 The Proposal (William Wallace And Murron) 6:31
8 'Scotland Is Free!' (William Wallace) 0:17
9 Point Of War/Johnny Cope/Up In The Morning Early 2:59
10 Conversing With The Almighty (Stephen, William Wallace, Hamish, Campbell) 1:20
11 The Road To The Isles/Glendaruel Highlanders/The Old Rusitc Bridge By The Mill
[Glendaruel Highlanders] Donald Ross MacLennanComposed By [The Road To The Isles] John McLellan (2)Written-By [Glendaruel Highlanders] A. Fettes 3:52
12 'Sons Of Scotland!' (William Wallace) 12:09
13 Vision Of Murron 1:45
14 'Unite The Clans!' (William Wallace) 0:23
15 The Legend Spreads (Scottish Storytellers) 1:07
16 'Why Do You Help Me?' (William Wallace And Princess Isabelle) 0:37
17 For The Love Of A Princess 4:05
18 'Not Every Man Really Lives' (William Wallace And Princess Isabelle) 4:09
19 'The Prisoner Wishes To Say A Word' (The Executioner And William Wallace) 3:43
Epilogue (20-22)
20 'After The Beheading' (Robert The Bruce) 1:48
21 'You Have Bled With Wallace!' (Robert The Bruce) 1:22
22 Warrior Poets (William Wallace) 0:29
23 Scotland The Brave/The Badge Of Scotland/The Meeting Of The Waters
[The Badge Of Scotland] Macrae [The Meeting Of The Waters] Donald MacLeodWritten-By [The Badge Of Scotland] John MacKay (2)Written-By [The Meeting Of The Waters] Trad. 2:47
24 Leaving Glen Urquhart/The Highland Plaid/Jock Wison's Ball
[Leaving Glen Urquhart] William RossArranged By [The Highland Plaid] MacraeWritten-By [Leaving Glen Urquhart] W. MacDonald*Written-By [The Highland Plaid] Trad. 3:32
25 Kirkhill/The Argyllshire Gathering/The Braemar Highland Gathering
Arranged By [The Argyllshire Gathering] Bobby MacLeodArranged By [The Braemar Highland Gathering] Bobby MacLeodComposed By [Kirkhill] James Ross RiddellWritten-By [The Argyllshire Gathering] John MacCollWritten-By [The Braemar Highland Gathering] George S. MacLennan 4:04

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