Ben Hur: vol.1

Ben Hur: vol.1  Format: LP
Composer; miklos rozsa
Label: MGM 253030
Year: reissue
Condition: used
Grade: ex
Extras: Original Release Date 1959
Conducted by Carlo Savina.
Fold out cover.
Volume 1.

Track listing
1. Prelude
2. The Adoration of the Magi
3. Roman March
4. Friendship
5. Love Theme of Ben Hur
6. The Burning Desert
7. The Rowing of the Galley Slaves
8. Naval Battle
9. Return to Judea
10. Victory Parade
11. The Mother's Love
12. The Leper's Search for the Christ
13. The Procession to Calvary
14. The Miracle and Finale

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