Deep Throat

Deep Throat  Format: CD
Composer: gerrard damiano
Label: hillend sml059
Year: reissue
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track Listings
1. Introducing Linda Lovelace
2. "Mind If I Smoke While You're Eatin'"
3. Blowin' Bubbles
4. "A Lot of Little Tingles"
5. Love Is Strange
6. "A Nice Joint Like You..." 7. "You Have No Tinkler!!! " 8. Deep Throat
9. I Wanna Be Your Slave
10. Nurse Lovelace
11. I'd Like to Teach You All to Screw (It's the Real Thing)
12. Nurse About the House 13. "I Got Blue Cross"
14. Old Dr. Young
15. Masked Marvel
16. Deep Throat
17. ...To You All

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