8 Heads in a Duffel Bag

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag  Format: CD
Composer: andrew gross
Label: varese sarabande vsd5835
Year: 1997
Condition: new
Grade: mint

1. Orion Logo
2. Main Titles, Pt. 1
3. Main Titles, Pt. 2/Boarding the Plane
4. Wrong Bag
5. Arrival in Mexico
6. Rico's Threat
7. I Didn't Really Invite You
8. Annette's Lost It
9. Tommy Enters Fraternity
10. Taking Out the Trash
11. Hiding the Heads
12. Annette Looks for Heads
13. Charlie Looks for Heads
14. Laundry Room
15. Meet the Banditos
16. Airport Security
17. Charlie Packs Heads
18. We've Gotta Move
19. Laurie Bonks Annette
20. Return of the Banditos
21. Desert Music
22. Tommy Counts Heads
23. Charlie Takes Control
24. Ska Cha Chase
25. Tango to the End

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