Captain Blood: The Classic Filmscores For Errol Flyn

Captain Blood: The Classic Filmscores For Errol Flyn  Format: LP
Label: RCA Records ARL1-0912
Year: 1975
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track listing

1. The King - Main Title: Don Juan - The Brocade - Don Juan's Serenade - Parade Into London - Don Juan And The Queen - Final Scene (09:35)
Max Steiner - from "The Adventures of Don Juan"
2. The Albatross - The Throne Room of Elizabeth I: Entrance of the Sea Hawks - The Orchid - Panama March - The Duel - Strike for the Shores of Dover (08:08)
Erich Wolfgang Korngold - from "The Sea Hawk" - with the Ambrosian Singers
3. Ship in the Night (02:08)
Korngold - from "Captain Blood"
4. Morning - The Farewell Before the Battle - Preparation and March - The 7th Cavalry: Garry Owen - The Sioux - The Battle of Little Big Horn - Custer's Last Stand (08:41)
Steiner - John Wilbraham an Ian Macintosh, bugles
5. Warner Bros. Fanfare and Main Title: The Open Prairie -The Iron Horse -Surrett -The Comrades -The Covered Wagon -Grazioso -Abbie and the Children -Wade and Abbie: The Blarney -Abbie's Theme (07:56)
Steiner - from Dodge City
6. Parachute Drop (02:16)
Franz Waxman - from "Objective Burma!"
7. Prologue (Solennelle) - The Lights of Paris (04:22)
Hugo Friedhoefer - from "The Sun Also Rises"
8. The Archery Tournament - Escape from the Gallows - Robin and Lady Marian - Coronation Procession (12:20)
Korngold - from "The Adventures of Robin Hood"

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