Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Auf Wiedersehen Pet  Format: LP
Label: towerbell AUF1
Year: 1984
Condition: used
Grade: vg

Side One
A1 Breakin' Away - Vocals Joe Fagin
Episode One: "If I Were A Carpenter"
A2 The Journey
A3 Brenda's Theme
A4 The Brits Meet The Erics
Episode Two: "Who Won The War?"
A5 March Of The Erics
A6 Neville's Theme
A7 Spot The Bomb
Episode Three: "The Girls They Left Behind"
A8 Mr. Jazz Meets Oz
A9 Spooky Flute
Episode Four: "Suspicion"
A10 Boys Night Out
A11 Wayne's Sure Thing
A12 Neville's Romance
Episode Five: "Home Thoughts From Abroad"
A13 Bomber's Away
A14 Tracking Tracy
Episode Six: "The Accuser"
A15 Brenda Flies Out
A16 Maxie's Melody
Episode Seven: "Private Lives"
A17 Wayne & Barry On The Pull
A18 Dagmar's Theme

Side Two
B1 That's Livin' Alright - Vocals Joe Fagin
Episode Eight: "The Fugitive"
B2 Fretless
B3 Weekend Break
B4 Gone Fishing
B5 That's Livin'
Episode Nine: "The Alien"
B6 Meet McGowan
B7 Herr Grunwald
B8 The Radish Meets McGowan
Episode Ten: "Last Rites"
B9 That's Livin'
B10 Hunt The Coffin
Episode Eleven: "The Lovers"
B11 Oz In Love
B12 The Knife
B13 Breakin' Away
Episode Twelve: "Love And Other Four Letter Words"
B14 A New Girl On Site
B15 Wayne And Christa
B16 Oz Barry And Maxie To The Rescue
B17 Dennis's Decision
Episode Thirteen: "When The Boat Goes Out"
B18 Dagmar's Farewell
B19 The Fire

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