For your eyes only

For your eyes only  Format: LP
Composer: Bill Conti
Label: Liberty Records LBG 30337
Year: 1981
Condition: used
Grade: vg

Track listing
1. For your eyes only (03:02)
vocal by Sheena Easton
2. A drive in the country (02:20)
Fluegelhorn Solo by Eddie Blair
3. Take me home (02:27)
4. Melina's revenge (02:14)
5. Gonzales takes a dive (03:09)
6. St. Cyril's monastery (04:33
7. Make it last all night (03:28)
vocal by "Rage"
8. Runaway (03:49)
9. Submarine (02:35)
contains "James Bond Theme" by Monty Norman
10. For your eyey only (01:29)
Fluegelhorn Solo by Derek Watkins
11. Cortina (01:41)
12. The P.M. gets the bird / For your eyes only - Reprise (04:58)
vocal by Sheena Easton

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