6.25306 AP

6.25306 AP  Format: LP
Composer: Peer Raben / David Ambach
Label: JUPITER 6.25306 AP
Year: 1984
Condition: used
Grade: ex
German Issue

Track listing
side one
1. The Tears Of The Lady (02:16)
2. Each Man Kills The Things He Loves (Instrumental) (03:30)
(Oscar Wilde-Raben-Ambach)
3. Each Man Kills The Things He Loves (02:50)
(Oscar Wilde-Raben-Ambach) vocal: Jeanne Moreau
4. Men At Peace (03:15)
5. Men Are At Peace (03:15)
(Oscar Wilde-Raben-Ambach) vocal: Jeanne Moreau
6. Sailor's Accordion (02:12)
7. The Cross-Road (01:30)

side two
8. A Ship For The Bandits (03:25)
9. The Self-Extradition (03:28)
10. Young And Joyful Bandit (02:31)
(J. Moreau-Raben-Ambach) vocal: Gunter Kaufmann
11. With A Bitter Look (06:18)
12. The Ship And The Seaman (02:38)

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