Best little Whorehouse in Texas

Best little Whorehouse in Texas  Format: LP
Composer: Carol Hall
Label: MCA/Altaya - BSO.57
Year: 1995
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Spanish Issue

1. 20 Fans (04:33)
Jim Nabors and Chorus
2. A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place (05:26)
Dolly Parton & the Chicken Ranch Girls
3. Sneakin' Around (01:53)
Dolly Parton & Burt Reynolds
4. Watchdog Report / Texas Has a Whorehouse in It (03:04)
Dom DeLuise & The Doggettes
5. Courtyard Shag (03:29)
6. The Aggie Song (07:43)
The Aggies
7. The Sidestep (03:43)
Charles Durning
8. Hard Candy Christmas (03:50)
Dolly Parton & The Chicken Ranch Girls
9. I Will Always Love You (03:03)
Dolly Parton

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