Band Waggon Happidrome : original soundtrack



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Label: EMI/Worl Music SH388
Year: 1980
Condition: used
Grade: ex

A1 –Arthur Askey Signature Tune : How Band Waggon Started
A2 –Arthur Askey, Syd Walker Chestnut Corner / Any Rags, Bottles Or Bones
A3 –Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch Fireworks
A4 –Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch Mrs Bagwash; Ernie Bagwash "The Bells"
A5 –Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch Playing The Organ : Auntie Jessie's Chest
A6 –Arthur Askey Big Hearted Arthur : I Thank You
A7 –Tommy Handley It's That Man Again
A8 –Tommy Handley Tomsky, The Great Counter Spy
B1 –Mr Lovejoy*, Enoch*, Ramsbottom* The Rain Came Pitter Patter Down
B2 –Mr Lovejoy*, Enoch*, Ramsbottom* When Moaning Minnie Moans No More
B3 –Mr Lovejoy*, Enoch*, Ramsbottom* The Baby In The Flat Above
B4 –Mr Lovejoy*, Enoch*, Ramsbottom* Let Me Tell You
B5 –Mr Lovejoy*, Enoch*, Ramsbottom*, Bunty Meadows Let's Have Another One
B6 –Mr Lovejoy*, Enoch*, Ramsbottom* Our Up-To-Date Farm
B7 –Jack "Blue Pencil" Warner*, Joan Winters Littul Gel
B8 –Jack "Blue Pencil" Warner* What! The Old Blue Pencil

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