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Label: BBC RED 126M
Year: 1971
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Band 1. Modern Warfare
A1a Street Battle, Vietnam (1968) 1:25
A1b Naval Bombardment Of North Vietnam 1:00
A1c Air Strike, Hue 1:15
Band 2. Artillery
A2a Artillery Barrage 1:15
A2b 25-Pounder Guns 0:42
A2c Heavy Mortar Fire 0:48
A2d 8-Inch Guns 0:55
Band 3. Army
A3a Troops Marching Past, Ragged, On Gravel 1:00
A3b Horse-Drawn Gun Carriage Passing 0:22
A3c Horses Fording A Stream 0:38
A3d Radio Static 0:28
A3e Troops Moving Through Undergrowth 0:50
Band 4. Period Battles
A4a Mixed, Angry Crowd, Shouting & Screaming 0:28
A4b Period Gunfire 1:05
Cavalry Calls (Waterloo Bugle, Used Prior To 1850)
A4c (I) Advance 0:06
A4c (II) Close 0:06
A4c (III) Retire 0:06
A4c (IV) Halt 0:04
A4c (V) Prepare For Cavalry 0:03
A4c (VI) Charge, With Side-Drum 0:07
A4d Shouting Men, Horses, Galloping & Whinnying, Etc. 1:25
A4e Bronze Cannon: 3 Shots 0:19
A4f Double Barrel Muzzle-Loading Percussion Shotgun: 3 Double Shots 0:15
A4g Large Army, Fighting With Swords & Axes 1:25
Band 5. Submarine Warfare
Diesel Electric Submarine (1961)
A5a Sea Wash And Strong Wind (Cruising On Surface) 0:35
A5b Engines Running Whilst Submerged 0:35
A5c Firing Torpedoes 1:07
Anti-Submarine Action
A5d Destroyer's Siren 0:10
A5e Asdic - Searching 0:35
A5f Ascic - Approaching Target 0:52
A5g Depth Charges (As Heard Inside Submarine) 0:21
A5h Pom Poms 0:15
A5i Sunderland Flying Boat-Taking Off (Submarine Patrol) 0:32
A5j Sunderland Flying Boat-Cruising (Interior) 0:31
Band 1. Modern Fighter Aircraft
Hawker Harrier Vertical Take-Off (1969)
B1a Take Off 0:50
B1b Passing Overhead 0:30
B1c Approach, Landing, Switch Off Engines 1:28
Lightning Twin-Jet Fighter
B1d Two Taking Off 0:41
B1e Two Waves Of Four Passing Overhead 0:41
B1f One Aircraft Landing 0:30
Band 2. Aerial Warfare, World War II
B2a Spitfire Fighter Taking Off 0:30
B2b Dog Fight Between Two Naval Seafires And A Junkers 88, With Machine Funs (Close Perspective) 1:20
B2c Lancaster Bomber: Several Taking Off 1:00
B2d Lancaster Bomber: One Landing 0:30
B2e Massed Aircraft Flying Overhead 0:50
B2f Dive Bomber Attack, With Pom Pom Guns, Bombs And Machine Guns 1:14
Band 3. Air Raid, World War II
B3a Air Raid Siren (U.K.): Alert 0:42
B3b Air Raid Siren (U.K.): All Clear 0:43
B3c Air Raid On London, 1940 1:22
B3d Messerschmitt 110 Flying Overhead With Engines De-Synchronised 0:45
B3e Heavy Explosions (I) 0:15
B3f Heavy Explosions (II) 0:13
B3g Fire, Flames Crackling Heavily 0:50
B3h Fire Hoses Playing & General Activity 0:50
B3i V1 Flying Bomb 0:42
Band 4. S.E. 5A Fighter Aircraft, World War I
B4a Start Up, Taxi Away, Take Off 0:50
B4b Aerobatics As In A Dog Fight 1:15
Band 5. Tanks
1916 Mark V Tank, World War I
B5a Starts Up, Passing & Manoeuvring Over Rough Ground 1:30
Mark V Centurion Tank
B5b Approach And Stop, Move Off, Over Cobbles 1:38

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