Beauty And Exercise Record (with Joan Collins) :



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Year: 1980
Condition: used
Grade: ex - gatefold sleeve

side 1.
A1 Introduction
A2 Stress
A3 Relaxation
A4 Sleep
A5 Sex
A6 Breakfast - The Most Important Meal Of The Day
A7 The Dreaded Dieting
Skin Care
A8.1 A) The Soap And Water Controversy
A8.2 B) Basic Regime For Care Of The Face
A8.3 C) The Home Facial
A9 Perfume
A10 Tips For Hair Lovers
A11 Hands

side two
B1 Pregnancy
B2 Suggestions For Mothers To Be
Body Power Via Vitamins
B3.1 A) Vitamin A
B3.2 B) Vitamin B Complex
B3.3 C) Vitamin C
B3.4 D) Vitamin D
B3.5 E) Vitamin E
B3.6 F) Lecithin
Why Exercise?
B4.1 A) Tension And Waist
B4.2 B) Stomach
B4.3 C) Stomach Muscles
B4.4 D) Stomach Muscles
B4.5 E) Stomach
B4.6 F) Bust
B4.7 G) Bottom
B4.8 H) Thighs And Waist
B4.9 I) Waist
B4.10 J) Trio Exercise
B4.11 K) Upper Arms
B4.12 L) Relaxation
B5 Facing The Future

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