Bedknobs and Broomsticks : original soundtrack



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Label: vista bvs 5003
Year: 1971
Condition: used
Grade: vg

With gatefold sleeve

1. Overture/The Old Home Guard
Orchestra & Home Guardsmen
2. The Age of Not Believing
Angela Lansbury (This song was nominated as Best Original Song)
3. With a Flair
David Tomlinson
4. A Step in the Right Direction
Angela Lansbury (This song was deleted from the film, but kept on the album)
5. Eglantine/Don't Let Me Down/Eglantine (reprise)
David Tomlinson & Angela Lansbury (Longer version than one actually heard in the film)
6. Portobello Road
David Tomlinson, children & vendors
7. Portobello Street Dance
David Tomlinson (Shorter version than what is heard fully in the film)
8. The Beautiful Briny
David Tomlinson, Angela Lansbury & the Beautiful Briny Band
9. Substitutiary Locomotion
Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson & Children (Dialogue which begins this track is actually from later on in the film)
10. Reprises: Eglantine & Portobello Road
Angela Lansbury & David Tomlinson
11. Finale
Orchestra & Guardsmen

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