Bird Songs of Britain and Europe: Record.9 original soundtrack



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Label: RFLP 5009
Year: 1972
Condition: used
Grade: ex
with printed inner sleeve and 4 page species notes

side one
A1a Regulus Regulus. Goldcrest
A1b Regulus Ignicapillus. Firecrest
A1c Cisticola Juncidis. Fan-tailed Warbler
A2a Ficedula Hypoleuca. Pied Flycatcher
A2b Ficedula Albicollis. Collared Flycatcher
A2c Ficedula Parva. Red-breasted Flycatcher
A3a Muscicapa Striata. Spotted Flycatcher
A3b Saxicola Rubetra. Whinchat
A3c Saxicola Torquata. Stonechat
A4a Oenanthe Oenanthe. Wheatear
A4b Oenanthe Pleschanka. Pied Wheatear
A4c Oenanthe Hispanica. Black-eared Wheatear
A4d Oenanthe Deserti. Desert Wheater
A4e Oenanthe Isabellina. Isabelline Wheater
A4f Oenanthe Leucura. Black Wheater

side two
B1a Cercotrichas Galactotes. Rufous Bush Chat
B1b Monticola Saxatilis. Rock Thrush
B1c Monticola Solitarius. Blue Rock Thrush
B2a Phoenicurus Ochruros. Black Redstart
B2b Phoenicurus Phoenicurus. Redstart
B2c Erithacus Rubecula. Robin
B2d Irania Gutturalis. White-throated Robin
B3a Luscinia Megarhynchos. Nightingale
B3b Luscinia Luscinia. Thrush Nightingale
B4a Cyanosylvia Svecica. Bluethroat
B4b Tarsiger Cyanurus. Red-flanked Bluetail

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