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Composer: Mike Batt
Label: CBS Records 70164
Year: 1978
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track listing
1. Caravans On The Move (04:00)
(The "Caravans" Theme)
2. Main Title (02:45)
(The caravan moves through a crowded market place)
3. Russian Dance (01:43)
4. Inside Sardar Khan's Palace (01:35)
(Young diplomat, Mark Miller, meets Sardar Khan)
5. Journey To Badek (01:45)
(Miller drives off into the desert in search of Ellen Jasper)
6. The Camp At Qualir (03:02)
(Music at the massed nomad camp)
7. The Desolate Valley (01:22)
(Zulfiqar and Moheb talks about the prospects for the nomads' future)
8. Caravan Song (02:04)
9. Qualir at Night (01:45)
(Russian nomad leader hosts an evening feast at Qualir)
10. Storm In The Desert (06:35)
(Sandstorm develops into rain, then flood)
11. Becky's Waltz (01:03)
(Becky the camel chases her camel-driver, Maftoon)
12. Kochi Dancer (01:13)
(Nomad dancing boy teases the crowd)
13. The Aftermath (03:48)
(After the bombardment, Zulfiqar discovers Ellen's death)
14. Theme from "Caravans" (03:38)

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