From Russia with Love : original soundtrack



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Composer: john barry
Label: liberty ems 1267
Year: 1963
Condition: new
Grade: mint - not sealed

Track listing
side one
A1 Opening Titles: James Bond Is Back / From Russia With Love / James Bond Theme
A2 Tania Meets Klebb
A3 Meeting In St. Sophia
A4 The Golden Hour
A5 Girl Trouble
A6 Bond Meets Tania
A7 007
A8 Gypsy Camp
A9 Death Of Grant

side two
B1 From Russia With Love
B2 Spectre Island
B3 Guitar Lament
B4 Man Overboard - Smersh In Action
B5 James Bond With Bongos
B6 Stalking
B7 Leila Dances
B8 Death Of Kerin
B9 007 Takes The Lektor

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