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Composer: john williams
Label: bso bso31
Year: reissue
Condition: used
Grade: ex
Extras: spanish reissue

Track listing

1. Prologue
2. We don't wanna grow up
lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
3. Banning back home
4. Granny Wendy
5. Hook-napped
6. The arrival of Tink and The flight to Neverland
7. Presenting The Hook
8. From Mermaids to Lost Boys
9. The Lost Boy Chase
10. Smee's Plan
11. The Banquet
12. The Never Feast
13. Remembering Childhood
14. You are the Pan
15. When you're alone
lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
16. The Ultimate War
17. Farewell Neverland

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