Merrie England : original soundtrack



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Composer: edward german
Label: EMI DUO 121
Year: 1960 (reissue)
Condition: used
Grade: ex
double LP

Track Listings
Record: 1
1. Act I: Ov/Opening Chor - The Williams Singers
2. Act I: We Are Two Proper Men - Eric Wilson-Hyde/Neil Howlett
3. Act I: Oh! Where The Deer Do Lie - Patricia Kern
4. Act I: I Do Counsel That Your Playtime - Howell Glynne
5. Act I: That Every Jack Should Have A Jill - William McAlpine
6. Act I: Love Is Meant To Make Us Glad - June Bronhill/Patricia Kern/William McAlpine/Howell Glynne/Neil Howlett
7. Act I: She Had A Letter From Her Love - June Bronhill
8. Act I: When True Love Hath Found A Man - June Bronhill/William McAlpine
9. Act I: When A Man Is A Lover - Peter Glossop/Eric Wilson-Hyde/Leslie Fyson
10. Act I: The Yeomen Of England - Peter Glossop
11. Act I: Entrance Of Queen Elizabeth/God Save Elizabeth/O Peaceful England - Monica Sinclair
12. Act I: King Neptune Sat On His Lonely Throne - Howell Glynne
13. Act I: Finale - Monica Sinclair/Patricia Kern/June Bronhill/William McAlpine/Peter Glossop

record: 2
1. Act II: The Month Of May Has Come Today - Patricia Kern
2. Act II: In England, Merrie England - June Bronhill/Patricia Kern/Howell Glynne/Geoffrey Colby
3. Act II: The Big Brass Band - Howell Glynne/Charles Young
4. Act II: It Is The Merry Month Of May - Patricia Kern/William McAlpine
5. Act II: The Queen Of May Is Crowned Today/Rustic Dance - The Williams Singers
6. Act II: Dan Cupid Hath A Garden - William McAlpine
7. Act II: Two Merry Men A-Drinking - Howell Glynne/William McAlpine/Neil Howlett
8. Act II: Who Shall Say That Love Is Cruel? - June Bronhill
9. Act II: When Cupid First This Old World Trod - Peter Glossop/June Bronhill/Patricia Kern/William McAlpine
10. Act II: Oh! Here's A To-Do To Die To-Day - Leslie Fyson
11. Act II: Finale - Full Company

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