Railways Remembered (The End of Steam) : original soundtrack



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Label: BBC Records And Tapes ‎– REF190
Year: 1963
Condition: used
Grade: VG+
double LP set with free print

side one
A1 Introduction
A2 Reminiscences Of Retired Driver And Porter
A3 Last Steam Train From Paddington
A4 Reminiscences Of Private Train Holidays
A5 A Former Page Boy On The Railway
A6 The Flying Scotsman Centenary
A7 Recollections Of The Armagh Rail Disaster 1889
side two
B1 Memories Of The Cefn Railway In Wales
B2 The Royal Scot Departure
B3 1951 Glencoe Blizzard
B4 Steam Locomotive Designer Interview
B5 Cross At The Crossing
side three
C1 Naming Ceremony Of "The Evening Star"
C2 Footplate Recording On Stanier Class 5
C3 Excerpt From The Programme "Some Famous Trains"
C4 Trial Run Of The L.N.E.R. Locomotive "Silver Link"
C5 Coronation Express Approach And Pass With Whistle
C6 A World Of Trains
C7 Local Train, Engine Built 1882, Carriages Built 1904. Departure And Run
C8 A Local Train Of Thought (Poem)
C9 Local Train, Engine Built 1882, Carriages Built 1904. Arrival At Station
C10 Excerpt From The Programme "Some Famous Trains"
C11 British Railways, Paddington Station Departure Of Unnamed Train
C12 Western Region Trains
C13 The World Train Speed Record, From "The World Goes By"
C14 Inside Signal Box; Flying Scotsman Passes
side four
D1 Programme On The G.W.R. Broadcast On 23 August 1935
D2 Goods Train Climbing Cutting Passing Under Bridge
D3 Golden Arrow (S.R.) Whistle, Announcement On Train
D4 "Bradshaw" From The Programme, "Speed, Sound And Sentiment"
D5 Golden Arrow (Southern Railway) Arrives At Dover
D6 The Set-Up For The Slochd Climb Recording
D7 Recording From The Footplate Of Steam Locomotive
D8 Reminiscences Of Recording Trains
D9 Coronation Scot
D10 Cheltenham Flyer, Running Fast Through Cutting
D11 Nationalisation Of Railways 31 December 1947
D12 Goods Train Working Hard With Whistle
D13 Edited Version Of BBC TV Film "Let's Imagine - A Branch Line"
D14 Irish Mail Train Passing Through Reading

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