Robe : original soundtrack



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Composer: alfred newman
Label: Brunswick LAT8031
Year: reissue
Condition: used
Grade: vg for the record but the sleeve has been water damaged

Track listing

1. Prelude
(with Mixed Chorus)
2. The Slave Market - The Entrance of Caligula
3. Farewell to Diana
4. Palm Sunday
(with Mixed Chorus and Percussion)
5. The Carriage of the Cross - The Crucifixion
(with Mixed Chorus)
6. Marcellus Returns to Capri
(with Mixed Chorus)
7. Village of Cana
8. Song of the Resurrection
(vocalist Carole Richards and Harp)
9. Miriam
10. The Redemption of Marcellus
(with Mixed Chorus)
11. Lament for Jesus
(with Mixed Chorus)
12. The Big Fisherman
13. The Catacombs
14. The Rescue of Demetrius
15. The Miracle
16. The Better Kingdom
(with Mixed Chorus)

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