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Composer: Japanese Breakfast / Michelle Zauner
Label: Masterworks – 19439893751
Year: 2022
Condition: New
Grade: mint - seal opened to check colour of vinyl
2 x LP set Gold
Limited Indie Store Exclusive

side one
Cities & Songs
A1 Main Menu
A2 Glider
A3 Better The Mask
A4 The Ewer (Day)
A5 The Ewer (Night)
A6 Eccria (Day)
A7 Eccria (Night)
A8 Campfires
side two
Ruins, Forests & Insects
B9 Exploration (Ships)
B10 Exploration (Ruins)
B11 Exploration (Nature)
B12 Beetle’s Nest
B13 Glow Worm Cave
B14 Pyraustas Ruin
side three
C15 Badlands (Night)
C16 Hakoa (Day)
C17 Hakoa (Night)
C18 Sansee (Day)
C19 Sansee (Night)
C20 Redsee (Day)
C21 The Wash (Day)
side four
Themes & Cut Scenes
D22 Chum Lair
D23 Beetle Detour
D24 Machinist’s Theme
D25 Cartographer’s Theme
D26 Mask Caster’s Theme
D27 Mischievous Children
D28 Ibexxi Camp (Day)
D29 Ibexxi Camp (Night)
D30 Burnt Oak Station (Day)
D31 Burnt Oak Station (Night)
D32 Abandoned Grounds

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