Stoker (Motion Picture) : original soundtrack



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Composer: Clint Mansell
Label:Milan ‎– 399 456-2
Year: 2013
Condition: used
Grade: ex/NM

Track Listings
Track 1: Mia Wasikowska- I'm Not Formed By Things That Are Of Myself Alone
Track 2: Emily Wells- Becomes The Color
Track 3: Clint Mansell- Happy Birthday (A Death In The Family)
Track 4: Clint Mansell- Uncle Charlie
Track 5: Hudson Thames- A Whistling Tune From A Lonely Man
Track 6: Clint Mansell- The Hunter And The Game
Track 7: Clint Mansell- Blossoming..
Track 8: Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood- Summer Wine
Track 9: Clint Mansell- A Family Affair
Track 10: Clint Mansell- Becoming..
Track 11: Philip Glass- Duet
Track 12: Clint Mansell- Crawford Institute (Family Secrets)
Track 13: Giuseppe Verdi- Stride La Vampa (From Il Trovatore)
Track 14: Clint Mansell- The Hunter Plays The Game
Track 15: Clint Mansell- In Full Bloom
Track 16: Clint Mansell- The Hunter Becomes The Game
Track 17: Clint Mansell- We Are Not Responsible For Who We Come To Be (Free)
Track 18: Emily Wells And Clint Mansell- If I Ever Had A Heart

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