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Composer: Mike Moran
Label: Scottish television CDSTM1
Year: 1992
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track Listings
1. Opening Title
2. Nightmare Begins/Nightmare On A Fork Lift
3. Taggart Goes To The Dogs
4. Double Jepardy
5. Sinister Marriage Ceremony
6. Love Knot Suite
7. Evil Eye/Gypsy's Kiss
8. Jardine Trails Mrs Antrobus
9. Death Comes Softly Suite
10. Hijacking The Courier/The Chase
11. Break At The Research Library
12. Digging Up The Past
13. Double Exposure/At The Big Match
14. Unrest In The Asian Community
15. Prelude And Bhangra Beat
16. Observing The French Mistress
17. Death Of Auntie Hettie
18. Francoise/Flashback And Suicide
19. Hitman Opening Sequence And Theme
20. Hitman
21. Fatal Inheritance
22. No Mean City

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