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Composer: daniel pemberton tv orchestra
Label: 1812 16272-0
Year: 2007
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track Listings
1. Introduction: Over The Top
2. Metal Swing Sing Sing
3. Cuban Peacock
4. Leaders Of Men (Bad Lads Army)
5. Foxy Cat (Theme From Starkey's Last Word)
6. J'adore Sophie Calle (Art Safari)
7. Messabout (Bad Lads Army)
8. The Stempington Stomp (Theme From Suburban Shootout)
9. Through Clouds
10. Pacific Drift
11. The Ruler Clown (That'll Teach Em)
12. The Bells Of Doom (Theme From Hell's Kitchen)
13. Sugar Drum Scary (Hell's Kitchen)
14. Regency Punk
15. From Fiji With Love (Theme From Love Island)
16. The Appliance Of Science (That'll Teach Em)
17. Slinky 'N' Sneaky (Bad Lads Army)
18. Cameilca Exotica
19. The Plan (Return Of The Chef)
20. Pip Pop Plop (Original Theme From Peep Show)
21. Back To School (That'll Teach Em)

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