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Label: VisionIntoArt VIA 5
Year: 2015
Condition: new
grade: mint - not sealed

The soundtrack to BBC television series 'Wolf Hall' brings King Henry VIII’s court to life with dances and songs -­ some of which were composed by the monarch himself. Claire van Kampen; Musicians of Shakespeare's Globe; Adrian Woodward; Paul Sharp; Abigail Newman; Tom Lees

Track Listings

1. A New Beginning: Trumpet Parley
2. Court Masque: My Lady Carey’s Dompe
3. Cromwell at York Place: Hoboekendans
4. Smeaton, Anne's lutenist: Ah Robyn
5. Cromwell is happy: Scaramella
6. A Play about Wolsey's fall: Romanesca
7. Henry sings of Anne: Alas What Should I Do
8. The Feast at Calais: Bassadansa
9. Anne's Music: Browning
10. Anne's coronation: Fanfare No.1
11. The Coronation Feast: En Vray Amour
12. Anne and Henry's Court: Tandernaken
13. The baby princess: My Lady Carey’s Dompe, version 2
14. Tomas More: Helas Madame
15. Christmas: Hoboekendans Extra
16. Court Masque: Ce qui souloit
17. Henry at Greenwich: Tourdion
18. Henry sings of Jane: Whereto Should I
19. Anne's last supper: Chiaranzana
20. Henry embraces Cromwell: Green Grows the Holly

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