Zbigniew Preisner : original soundtrack



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Composer: Zbigniew Preisner
Label: Music Sales Film & TV - PUB16181
Year: 2005
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track listing
'Song For The Unification Of Europe' - From Three Colours Blue5:20
'Van Den Budenmayer Concerto En Mi Mineur' - From La Double Vie De Véronique4:31
'On The Wisla' - From Three Colours White1:14
'Fashion Show Ii' - From Three Colours Red1:26
'Sky' - From Egyptian Opera3:47
'Intensité' - From Europa Europa0:57
'Taking Colin To The Garden' - From The Secret Garden1:13
At Play In The Fields Of The Lord - Main Titles Theme3:12
'Homecoming' - From When A Man Loves A Woman2:25
'The Sevent Day' - From It's All About Love3:48
'Nocturne Ii' - From Elisa1:59
'Theme' - From People's Century3:22
The Beautiful Country - End Titles One3:02
'Love' - From Requiem For My Friend2:24
'Like A Dream' - From It's All About Love3:22
'Believe' - From Fairytale1:30
'Lacrimosa' - From Requiem For My Friend1:46
'a Good Morning Melody' - From Ten Easy Pieces For Piano4:16
The Last September - End Titles1:42
'Beginning Of The Story' - From Aberdeen2:59
'Weiser Davidek' - From Weiser4:04
The Beautiful Country - End Titles Four5:23
Between Strangers - Theme3:29
'Aberdeen' - Piano Version2:05
'Olivier's Theme' Finale - From Three Colours Blue1:39

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