Testimonials for the original soundtrack


Hi Gordon

You won’t believe… The Cinderella Record finally arrived today (7 months later)!
Really nice surprise as it’s my birthday, so somehow the timing turned out perfect J

Please let me know how I can go about returning the payment to you.

Kind Regards

Hello there I was just about to order the soundtrack of Death Wish 4. I had some minor difficulties with my Paypal account, but it seems to be taken care of now. Is the CD still available? Have you set it aside for me? I'll check again later during the day. Love your site by the way, seems to have almost everything. Thank you in advance! Regards, Roman A. Graftdijk


A few weeks ago I purchased "Caroline or Change" from your website. I had it shipped to a different address than I was currently at for personal reasons. It arrived on July 8 and I am just now listening to it.

Thank you very much for the CD and shipping it! It has arrived in perfect condition and I was very much impressed by the quality of the shipping container and speed. I will definitely be purchasing from you again.

Thanks again!
Tom Valdez

Hi Gordon

Thanks for that. It appears to have gone through so all good.

Have a happy new year....I will when I get to play the record.


Russell McLeod