All In The Family original soundtrack

All In The Family original soundtrack



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Composer: Lee Adams & Charles trouse
Label: Atlantic Records SD 7210
Year: 1971
Condition: used
Grade: ex

4 page booklet included

Side One:
A1 Those Were The Days - Theme 1:27
A2 Why God Made Hands 2:14
A3 Sweety Pie Roger 3:00
A4 Transplants 2:51
A5 A Station Wagon Filled With Nuns 3:55
A6 No Ribs? 4:00

Side Two
B1 Do You Love Me? 1:56
B2 God Is Black 3:27
B3 VD Day 1:53
B4 Archie's Hangup 0:55
B5 Bacon Souffle & Women's Lib 2:30
B6 Jury Duty 4:14
B7 Shove Yours 2:46

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