BBC 1922-1972 50 Years of Broadcasting original soundtrack

BBC 1922-1972 50 Years of Broadcasting original soundtrack



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Label: BBC 50 A/B
Year: 1972
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Double LP set

A1 John Snagge - Chimes Of Big Ben/The BBC Calling The World From London
A2 P.P. Eckersley - Writtle Calling
A3 Savoy Orpheans, The - Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue
A4 Savoy Havana Band - Last Night On The Back Porch
A5 Lord Gainford - Opening Of Savoy Hill 1923
A6 Irene Minghini-Cattaneo & Orchestra Of La Scala* - Stride La Vampa (Il Trovatore)
Conductor - Carlo Sabajno
A7 Tommy Lorne - Auntie Aggy Of The BBC
A8 Harry Lauder - I Love A Lassie
A9 Beatrice Harrison (2) - Nightingales In Surrey Wood / Songs My Mother Taught Me
A10 Sidney Firman & London Radio Dance Band - Do That Heebie Jeebie Dance
A11 A. J. Alan - My Photograph
A12 Dr. Howard Carter - Opening Of Tutankhamun's Tomb
A13 Unknown Artist - Tutankhamun's Trumpet
A14 Christopher Stone - Introducing Gramaphone Record Programme
A15 Essie Ackland - Love's Old Sweet Song
A16 Albert Sandler & Palm Court Orchestra - If My Songs Were Winged
A17 Reverend John A. Mayo - The First Radio Padre
A18 Rear-Admiral C.D. Carpendale - News Item About The General Strike 1926
A19 Sir Alan Cobham - Flight From England To Australia And Back By De Havilland Seaplane 50, 30.6.26-1.10.26
A20 Bob Bowman - Heavyweight Championship - Tommy Farr Vs. Joe Louis
A21 Jack Payne & BBC Dance Orchestra, The - Say It With Music
A22 Stanley Baldwin - Extract From Speech On Conversion Of War Loan 1.7.32
A23 J. Ramsey McDonald - Short Extract From Speech By The Prime Minister On The Political Situation 25.8.31
A24 H.G. Wells - Short Extract From Talk On Communications 19.11.32
A25 Jack Payne & BBC Dance Orchestra, The - Happy Days Are Here Again
A26 John Henry (4) & Blossom (3) - Short Extract From "Joe Murgatoyd's Letter"
A27 Gillie Potter - Reminiscences Of Hogsnorton
A28 King George V - First Christmas Day Message From Sandringham 25.12.32
B1 Symphony Orchestra - In Town Tonight - Introductory Sequence And Knightsbridge March
Conductor - Eric Coates
B2 Gracie Fields - Sally
B3 Bing Crosby - Where The Blue Of The Night
B4 Henry Hall & BBC Dance Orchestra, The - Here's To The Next Time
B5 Adolf Hitler - Speech From Reichstag 30.1.34
B6 Benito Mussolini - Speech At 2nd Quniqunennial Fascist Assembly, Rome, 18.3.34
B7 Dr. Joseph Goebbels* - Speech On Political Implications Of Death Of President Von Hindenburg 2.8.34
B8 Ambrose & His Orchestra - Joseph Joseph
B9 Roy Fox & His Band - Whispering
B10 Charlie Kunz - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
B11 Unknown Artist - Outbreak Of Italo-Abyssinian War, News Bulletin 3.10.35
B12 Phillip Slessor & BBC Variety Orchestra - Music Hall (Opening Signature Tune)
Conductor - Charles Shadwell
B13 Stuart Hibberd - Illness Of H.M. King George V - Special Announcement 20.1.36
B14 Sir John Reith - Death Of H.M. King George V - Announcement 12.15am 21.1.36
B15 Unknown Artist - Passing Bell
B16 Charles Siepmann - Funeral Of H.M. King George V. - Commentary From Westminster Hall 28.1.36
B17 King Edward VIII - Message To The Empire 1.3.36
B18 Joe Loss & His Orchestra - In The Mood
B19 Freddy Grieswood & Adolf Hitler - German Re-Occupation Of The Rhineland - News Bulletin 7.3.36
B20 Adolf Hitler - Opening Of Olympic Games In Berlin; Speech Followed By Singing Of Olympic Hymn
B21 Leslie Mitchell - Opening Of BBC Television Service At Alexandra Palace - Announcement 2.11.36
B22 Sir John Reith & King Edward VIII - Abdication Of H.M. King Edward VIII - Farewell Speech 11.12.36
B23 Cosmo Gordon Lang & Reverend F.A. Iremonger - Coronation Of H.M. King George VI And H.M. Queen Elizabeth. Recognition - Westminster Abbey 12.5.37
B24 Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Woodroofe* - Royal Naval Review
B25 Judy Shirley & BBC Variety Orchestra - Monday Night At Seven - Introduction And Opening Signature Tune
Conductor - Charles Shadwell
B26 Richard Murdoch & Arthur Askey & BBC Variety Orchestra - Band Waggon - Excerpt Of Chestnut Corner
Conductor - Charles Shadwell
B27 Unknown Artist - Entry Of Germany Into Austria - Recordings Made At Linz 12.3.38
B28 Geraldo And His Orchestra - Ragtime Cowboy Joe
B29 Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Woodroofe* - The Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain Returns From Munich 30.9.38
B30 Lionel Marson - Invasion Of Poland - News Bulletin 1.9.39
B31 S.J. de Lotbiniere - Evacuation Of Children From Waterloo Station
B32 Neville Chamberlain - Outbreak Of War With Germany. Announcement By The Prime Minister 3.9.39
C1 Winston Churchill - The Fall Of France. Extract From Speech By The Prime Minister 17.6.40
C2 Alvar Lidell - Air Raid Sirens Followed By "Battle Of Britain" New Bulletin Of 15.9.40
C3 No Artist - Air Raid On London - Actuality Recording From Roof And Adjoining Street Of Broadcasting House
C4 Tommy Handley & Musicians Of The Home Fleet - ITMA - Introduction From Special Performance For The Home Fleet At Scapa Flow
Conductor - Charles Shadwell
C5 Jack Warner & BBC Variety Orchestra - Garrison Theatre - Introduction Followed By "Nursey Nursey"
Conductor - Charles Shadwell
C6 Vera Lynn - Sincerely Yours - "Wishing Will Make It So"
C7 Frank Phillips - British Submarines In Mediterranean - News Bulletin 5.9.41
C8 Vera Lynn - Sincerely Yours - "We'll Meet Again"
C9 Frederick Allen (2) - News Bulletin 7.9.41
C10 Douglas Ritchie - Colonel Britton On The V For Victory Call Sign 31.7.41
C11 Godfrey Talbot - El Alamein - War Report
C12 Lale Andersen - Lilli Marlene
C13 Bruce Belfrage - Advance Of The 8th Army In Western Desert - News Bulletin 4.11.42
C14 Doris Hare & Debroy Somers And His Orchestra - Shipmates Ashore - Opening Signature Tune
C15 Ben Lyon & Jay Wilbur And His Orchestra - Hi Gang! - Signature Tune And Introduction
C16 Wilfred Pickles - Far Eastern Situation - News Bulletin 8.12.41
C17 Harry Korris / Cecil Frederick / Robbie Vincent / BBC Revue Orchestra - Happidrome - "We Three"
Conductor - Ernest Longstaff
C18 Richard Murdoch / Kenneth Horne / Royal Air Force Orchestra - Merry-Go-Round (RAF Edition) - "Much-Binding-In-The-Marsh"
C19 Dr. Charles Hill - The Radio Doctor - On Ingestion
C20 Bill Gates / James Moody (3) / George Middleton - Workers Playtime
C21 John Snagge - Capitulation Of Italy - News Bulletin 8.9.43
C22 Kenneth Horne & Royal Artillery Theatre Orchestra - Ack-Ack Beer-Beer - Opening Signature Tune
Conductor - Band Quartermaster Mitchell
C23 Donald McCollough - The Brains Trust
C24 Clay Keyes & BBC Dance Orchestra, The - The Old Town Hall - Closing Signature Tune
Conductor - Billy Ternent
C25 Freddy Grisewood - Italy Declares War On Germany - News Bulletin 12.10.43
C26 Glenn Miller And His Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade
C27 John Snagge - D-Day Landings On Normandy Coast - News Item 06.06.44
C28 Air Commodore W. Helmore - Mitchell Bomber Over Normandy Coast
C29 General Dwight D. Eisenhower* - Broadcast At 0730 Hours On D-Day
C30 Band Of The Scots Guard - Lilliburlero
C31 Richard Dimbleby - D-Day - War Report
C32 Howard Marshall - Invasion - War Report 08.08.44
C33 Joseph McLeod - Battle For Channel Ports
C34 John Snagge - Capture Of Brussels - News Item Followed By Band And Crowds Singing "Quand Madelon" After The Liberation 04.09.44
C35 Stanley Maxted - Allied Airbourne Landings In Holland 17.09.44 - Announcement And War Report From Arnhem
C36 Frank Gillard - Link-Up With Russian Army - War Report 25.04.45
C37 Vera Lynn - White Cliffs Of Dover
C38 No Artist - Death Of Hitler - Special Announcement 01.05.45
C39 Frederick Allen - Surrender Of German Armed Forces In Italy 02.05.45
C40 Stuart Hibbard - Capture Of Berlin - News Item 02.05.45
C41 Winston Churchill - VE Day - Winston Churchill Announces Victory In Europe Followed By Crowds Singing "Tipperary" 08.05.45
C42 Frank Phillips - Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima 06.08.45
C43 Freddy Greenwood - Japanese Surrender Signed, Tokyo Bay - News Item 02.09.45
D1 Raymond Glendenning - FA Cup Final, Charlton Vs. Burnley, 1947 "The Ball Bursts"
D2 John Snagge - Oxford Vs. Cambridge Boat Race, 1949
D3 Frank Gillard / Massed Bands Of The Brigade Of Guards - Wedding Of H.R.H. The Princess Elizabeth And The Prince Phillip - Commentary Followed By The National Anthem 20.11.71
D4 Ellis Powell - Mrs Dale's Diary
D5 Wilfred Pickles & Harry Hudson - Have A Go - Introductory Sequence And "Have A Go Joe"
D6 Stewart McPherson - Ignorance Is Bliss - Introductory Sequence
D7 Kenneth Horne & Betty Masden* - Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue
Written By - Barry Took , Marty Feldman
D8 Jimmy Edwards (2) / Dick Bentley / June Whitfield - Take It From Here - The Glums - Signature Tune And Short Extract
Written By - Dennis Norden , Frank Muir
D9 Goons, The - The Goon Show - Short Excerpt From "Tales Of Old Dartmoor" Followed By "I Travel The Road"
Written By - Spike Milligan
D10 Norman Painting / Ysanne Churchman / Basil Jones / Anne Cullen / New Concert Orchestra, The - The Archers - Opening Siganture Tune "Barwick Green" And Short Excerpt "The Death Of Grace Archer"
Written By - Edward J. Mason , Geoffrey Webb
D11 Stewart McPherson - Twenty Questions - Introductory Sequence
D12 Franklin Englemann / Queen's Hall Light Orchestra, The - Down Your Way - Closing Sequence And "The Horse Guards, Whitehall"
D13a Charles Gardner - First Trans-Atlantic Jet Flight By RAF Vampires - 16.7.48
D13b Charles Gardner - Meteor Jet At 618mph - 12.10.48
D14 Bernard Moore - Berlin, End Of Soviet Blockade - 4.5.49
D15 Howard Marshall - Funeral Of H.M. King George 15.2.52
D16 John Snagge / Geoffrey Fisher - The Coronation Of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II - Prayer And Crowning By The Archbishop Of Canterbury - 2.6.53
D17 Warren Mitchell / Una Stubbs / Dandy Nichols / Anthony Booth - Till Death Do Us Part - "TV Filth" - Short Extract
Written By - Johnny Speight
D18 Millicent Martin / David Frost - That Was The Week That Was. Opening Signature Tune And Short Extract From "What's Left Of The Empire
Written By - Christopher Booker , David Frost
D19 Wilfrid Brambell / Harry H. Corbett* - The Steptoes. Short Extract From Homes Fit For Heroes
Written By - Alan Simpson (2) , Ray Galton
D20 Yuri Gagarin - Men In Space - Gagarin 12.04.61
D21 Leonard Parkin - Assassination Of President Kennedy 22.11.63
D22 Brian Moore - England's World Cup Victory (Soccer) 1966
D23 Alistair Cooke (2) - Short Extract From 1,000th Letter From America On Vietnam 24.03.68
D24 John Snagge / Pipe-Major Thomas Anderson - Memorial Service In Westminster Abbey For Lord Reith 22.07.71 - Lament "Flowers Of The Forest"

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