Buddism original soundtrack

Buddism original soundtrack



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Composer:roy budd
Label: cinefile/castle cmocd016
Year: 2000
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track Listings
1. Get Carter [From Get Carter]
2. Diamonds [From Black Windmill]
3. Jazz It Up [From the Marseille Contract]
4. Out of It [From the Stone Killer]
5. Mister Funker [From Foxbat]
6. Mister Easy [From the Intercine Project]
7. No Doubt [From the Marseille Contract]
8. Car Chase [From Fear Is the Key]
9. In the Shadows [From the Stone Killer]
10. Plant [From Black Windmill]
11. Free Tarrant [From Black Windmill]
12. Cassette Jazz [From Black Windmill]
13. Synombulus [From the Marseille Contract]
14. Hallucinations [From Get Carter]
15. MC. Theme [From the Marseille Contract][Mix]
16. No Co-Operation [From Black Windmill]
17. All the Way In [From the Marseille Contract]
18. End Theme [From the Marseille Contract]
19. Way Out M1 [From the Stone Killer]

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