Crash and Burn original soundtrack

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Crash and Burn original soundtrack



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Composer: Richard Band
Label: Intrada MAF 7033D
Year: 1992
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track listing
1. Main Title (01:38)
2. Tyson Arrives at the Station (02:15)
3. "Is There a Synthoid Among Us?" (05:57)
4. Remembering the Robot Wars (01:56)
5. Latham Is Killed (04:24)
6. Tyson and Erin in the Underground (03:27)
7. Erin Finds the Cannisters (01:00)
8. Quinn is the Synthoid (02:16)
9. Quinn Attacks the Remaining Few; DV-8 Robot Reactivated (09:00)
10. Tyson and Erin Leave Together; Finale and End Titles (06:49)

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