Cromwell original soundtrack

Cromwell original soundtrack



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Composer: Frank Cordell
Label: Capitol ST-8-0640
Year: 1970
Condition: used
Grade: ex

US pressing

Track listing
1. Main Title; Why Are You Leaving England? (05:40)
(Mrs. Cromwell, Pym, Cromwell, Ireton)
2. This is the Common Land (01:33)
(William, Lundsford, Carter, Cromwell, Manchester)
3. ...Declare War on My Own People? (02:05)
(Hyde, King Charles, Strafford)
4. Parliament... Is Not a Gathering of Lackeys to the King (01:22)
(Pym, Ireton, Speaker)
5. My Lord Strafford, You Will Rid Us of These Troublemakers (01:36)
(Secretary, King Charles, Hyde, Strafford)
6. A Warrant Upon a Charge of High Treason (01:51)
(Pym, Ireton, Cromwell, Speaker, Members of the House)
7. An Institution Known as Democracy (02:30)
(Secretary, King Charles, Pym, Cromwell)
8. This Nation is Now in a State of Civil War (02:30)
(King Charles, Speaker, Lundsford, Cromwell)
9. The Battle of Edgehill (03:14)
(Manchester, Officer, Essex, Cromwell, Troops, William Fairfax, Rupert, King Charles)
10. The New Army (04:01)
(Cromwell, Manchester, Essex)
11. By God, We Have Him! (00:55)
(King Charles, Rupert, Lundsford, Scout, Hyde, Astley)
12. The Battle of Naseby (04:15)
(Cromwell, Ireton, Fairfax, Hampden)
13. King Charles is Arrested (01:13)
(Cromwell, King Charles)
14. The Army Will Not Stand Down (01:42)
(Manchester, Cromwell, Members of Parliament)
15. An England without a King is Unthinkable (02:29)
(Hyde, Ireton, Cromwell, King Charles)
16. I Will Have This King's Head, Aye, and the Crown Upon It (01:03)
(Soldier, Cromwell, Hyde, Members of Parliament)
17. I Am No Ordinary Prisoner, Sir (02:32)
Crier, Bradshaw, Clerk of Arraigns, Royalist Dissenters, King Charles, Solicitor General)
18. Warrant for the Death of a King (02:20)
(Cromwell, Fairfax, Strode, Bradshaw, King Charles, Guard, Court Spectators)
19. From a Corruptible to an Incorruptible Crown (01:40)
(King Charles, Executioner, Spectators)
20. I Will See This Nation Properly Governed; Epilogue (06:14)
(Cromwell, Speaker, Members of Parliament, Colonel Harrison, Fairfax, Narrator)

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