Dad’s Army: Vol. 13 original soundtrack

Dad's Army: Vol. 13 original soundtrack



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Label: BBC 52926-1
Year: 2003
Condition: used
Grade: ex
2xCDs - 4 episodes

Track Listing
1. Boots, Boots, Boots: Opening Annoucement
2. And So, To Sum Up
3. Left! Right! Left! Right!
4. Come on Now!
5. Left! Right! Left! Right!
6. ZZZZ...Uh...Oh....Mum?
7. Man, Look at That Notice
8. This Is It, Sedgewick Shoe Shop
9. Good Afternoon, Gentlemen
10. I Was Going to Say, Mr Frazer
11. Morning, Men
12. Closing Annoucement

13. War Dance: Opening Annoucement
14. There Is a Lady Sweet And
15. You Know, Wilson, I'm Far
16. Right, Men, Now We're All
17. I Put That Picture of the King
18. Ah, A-Ha There You Are Frank
19. Now, Look Boys, I Shall
20. Jones! Yes, Sir?
21. Oh, Arthur, I've Got To
22. Mr Fraser, Uh? I Want To
23. Hello, Wilson. Ah!
24. Closing Annoucement

1. Mum's Army: Opening Annoucement
2. Platoon, Stand at Ease!
3. Listen to That, Wilson
4. Who's Next, Wilson?
5. Private Walker, Sir, Has....
6. Come On
7. Oh, After You Sir
8. Now Let's Move on to
9. Good Morning, Sir
10. I Tell You, Jonesey
11. Excuse Me, Can I Get Through
12. Closing Annoucement

13. Don't Fence Me In: Opening Annoucement
14. Now Pay Attention, Men
15. Excuse Ma, Sir, That Prisoner
16. Excuse Me, Mr Mainwaring
17. Come on, Come On
18. I Never Heard Anythign So
19. Right, When I Give the Word
20. Come on, Hurry Up You Lot!
21. Now Look Here, Open This
22. Good Heavens!
23. Efficient Corporal
24. Closing Annoucement

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