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Essential War Film Themes



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1-1 Essential War Film Themes
1-2 The Great Escape: Main Title
1-3 The Guns Of Navarone: Suite: Prelude / The Legend / Finale
1-4 Where Eagles Dare: Main Title
1-5 The Bridge On The River Kwai: Colonel Bogey
1-6 The Eagle Has Landed: Main Title
1-7 Battle Of The Bulge: Prelude
1-8 The Dambusters: March
1-9 633 Squadron: Main Title
1-10 Battle Of Britain: Luftwaffe March
1-11 Sink The Bismarck!: Main Title
1-12 Lawrence Of Arabia: Suite: Main Title / That Is The Desert / Overture
1-13 Casablanca: Suite
1-14 Force Ten From Navarone: March
1-15 King Rat: March
1-16 Midway: March
1-17 Gallipoli: Adagio In G Minor
2-1 Saving Private Ryan: Hymn To The Fallen
2-2 Schindler's List: Main Title
2-3 Band Of Brothers: Main Theme
2-4 Platoon: Adagio For Strings – Agnus Dei (Choral Version)
2-5 The Deer Hunter: Cavatina
2-6 Pearl Harbor: Heart Of A Volunteer
2-7 Hanover Street: Main Theme
2-8 Empire Of The Sun: Exsultate Justi
2-9 The Longest Day: March & Chorale (Choral Version)
2-10 The Bridge At Remagen: Main Title
2-11 The Bridge At Remagen: Main Title
2-12 A Bridge Too Far: March
2-13 The Blue Max: Suite: Overture / The Bridge / Finale
2-14 The Diary Of Anne Frank: Overture
2-15 The English Patient: As Far As Florence / Rupert Bear
2-16 The Hindenburg: Main Title
2-17 The World At War: Main Theme

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