Film Trailer Sampler 2008 original soundtrack

Film Trailer Sampler 2008 original soundtrack



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Year: 2008
Condition: used
Grade: vg - promo

Track listing
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Lockdown)2:02
Ratatouille (Children's Game)1:13
National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (Daring Do)0:48
We Are Marshall (Hero's Return)2:43
The Final Season (Pirate's Quest)2:05
Blads Of Glory (Sports Classic Theme 1)1:03
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (Eminent Destination)2:41
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (Sing Pirates Sing)1:53
Georgia Rule (Hatch A Plan)1:57
Fracture (Omynous)2:58
Are We Done Yet? (Merry Mendelssohn)2:01
Mr. Brooks (Ultimate Menace)2:22
Wild Hogs (ZZ Flop)2:08Silk (Silkiness)0:16
Jumper (Intrigue)2:41
Meet The Robinsons (Bad Johnny)2:05
Resident Evil: Extinction (Alien Grunge)1:03
Daddy Day Camp (American Flyer)2:02
Beowulf (Hold Yer Breath)0:21
Blind Dating (Classical Games)2:04
Strength And Honour (Falkirk Fields)1:35
Sleeping Beauty (Andy's Fantasy)2:39
Experiment In Torture (Space)1:08
Wall-E (Silver Hair)2:31
Shrek The Third - Shrek 3 (On The Hook)1:03
Nim's Island (Ride In The Country)1:16
Michael Clayton (Potomac Fever)0:37
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Duty Bound)2:49
The Great Debaters - Trailer 1 (For The Glory)1:49
Transformers (Stranger's Return)1:30
August Rush (First Light)2:57

Stardust (Triumph At Last)2:33
Babel (From The Ashes)1:57
Hitman (Suprafunk)1:05
The Simpsons Movie (Runalong)1:04
The Great Debaters - Trailer 2 (Legend)2:46
I Am Legend (Siberian Winter)2:03
Last One Standing (Lone Man)1:19
P.S. I Love You (Long Time Gone)2:35
Spider-Man 3 (Web Hero)1:40
Surf's Up (Wake To Adventure)2:17
Love In The Time Of Cholera (Will You Come?)1:03
Evan Almighty (First Meeting)1:44
Crysis (Warrior)1:09
Epic Movie (Check Mate)2:04
Flags Of Our Fathers (Home And Hearth)1:46
Inkheart (Mountain King Follies)1:18
Enchanted (Up The Lane)0:34
The Heartbreak Kid (Yearn)1:04
Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3-D (Jaws Of Death)2:07
Forbidden Kingdom (Sands Of Time)0:40
Arthur And The Invisibles (Fortune's Gate)2:14
An American Crime (A Warrior's Code)2:00
Alvin And The Chipmunks (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)0:34
Meet The Spartans (Damnation)1:03
Ratchet & Clank (Gallactic Challenge)2:04
Ghost Rider (Mammoth)1:03
The Last Mimzy (Ultimate Glory)1:04
Underdog (I Can Fly)2:40
Bridge To Terabithia (Legions Of Doom)2:15
Charlotte's Web (Glory Days)1:07

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