The Fly (fog green) : original soundtrack

The Fly (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Fly (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) back

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Composer: howard shore
Label: Varèse Sarabande ‎– VSD00111
Year:  2019
Condition: new
Grade: mint
Vinyl, LP, Fog Green

Track listing
side one
A1 Main Title 1:54
A2 Plasma Pool 1:54
A3 The Last Visit 2:25
A4 Stathis Enters 2:19
A5 The Phone Call 2:07
A6 Seth Goes Through 2:03
A7 Ronnie Comes Back 0:54
A8 The Jump 1:20
A9 Seth And The Fly 2:20
A10 Particle Magazine 1:01
A11 The Armwrestle 0:51

side two
B1 Brundlefly 1:43
B2 Ronnie's Visit 0:35
B3 The Street 0:43
B4 The Stairs 1:25
B5 The Fingernails 2:35
B6 Baboon Teleportation 0:57
B7 The Creature 2:08
B8 Steak Montage 0:59
B9 The Maggot / Fly Graphic 1:37
B10 Success With Baboon 0:58
B11 The Ultimate Family 1:59
B12 The Finale 2:4

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