Golden Age of the Hollywood Stars original soundtrack

Golden Age of the Hollywood Stars original soundtrack
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Label: UA usd311
Year: 1977
Condition: used
Grade: ex
Extras: double

Superb 1977 UK mono 55-track double LP compilation featuring original soundtrack music & dialogue from fifty classic Warner Brothers films from 1926 to 1949. The gatefold picture sleeve itself laden with film memorabilia stars & posters also includes an integral twelve page booklet with scenes from the films including the first talkie movie The Jazz Singer

side one
A1 Don Juan
A2 The Jazz Singer (Trailer)
A3 The Jazz Singer
A4 My Man
A5 Little Caesar
A6 The Public Enemy
A7 Gold Diggers Of 1933
A8 Dangerous
A9 I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang
A10 20 Million Sweethearts
A11 Captain Blood
A12 Go Into Your Dance
A13 A Midsummer Night's Dream
A14 The Adventures Of Robin Hood

side two
B1 All This And Heaven Too
B2 The Petrified Forest
B3 Jezebel
B4 Dark Victory
B5 The Life Of Emile Zola
B6 Angels With Dirty Faces
B7 Going Places
B8 Boy Meets Girl
B9 Hollywood Hotel
B10 Boy Meets Girl (Second Extract)
B11 Adventures Of Robin Hood
B12 The Maltese Falcon
B13 The Sea Hawk

side three
C1 Kings Row (Main Title)
C2 Kings Row
C3 They Drive By Night
C4 Castle On The Hudson
C5 High Sierra
C6 The Sea Wolf
C7 Now Voyager (Main Theme)
C8 Now Voyager
C9 They Died With Their Boots On
C10 Sergeant York
C11 Yankee Doodle Dandy
C12 Air Force
C13 Casablanca

side four
D1 Rhapsody In Blue
D2 The Man Who Came To Dinner
D3 Arsenic And Old Lace
D4 God Is My Co-Pilot
D5 Objective, Burma!
D6 Thank Your Lucky Stars
D7 Mildred Pierce
D8 To Have And To Have Not
D9 The Big Sleep (Trailer)
D10 The Big Sleep
D11 Key Largo
D12 Two Guys From Texas
D13 Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
D14 White Heat
D15 Yankee Doodle Dandy

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