Hi-Fi Sound Test Record original soundtrack

Hi-Fi Sound Test Record original soundtrack



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Label: HI-Fi Sound HFS69
Year: 1969
Condition: used
Grade: good - sleeve torn

A 1 –No Artist Test 1, (Channel recognition, phasing and balance. Transient random-noise bursts with announcements)
A 2 –No Artist Test 2. (White noise, for subjective evaluation of equipment performance)
A 3 –No Artist Test 3. (Determination of minimum tracking weight and side thrust correction settings. Lateral and vertical modulation at two recorded levels)
A 4 –No Artist Test 4. (Applause. A noise test for equipment evaluation)
A 5 –No Artist Test 5. (Music and background noise tests, for confirming secure tracking of a pickup that has been set up with the aid of other tests and the acceptability of equipment noise)
A5a –The London Philharmonic Orchestra Music Excerpt: 'Dance': Second Movement of Symphony (Elegy), 1965
B 1 –No Artist Test 1. (Reference levels and channel separation. A 1khz tone used for measuring pickup output and mid-range seperation)
B 2 –No Artist Test 2. (Pink noise, primarily for technical evaluation.)
B 3 –No Artist Test 3. (Tone bursts. Eight bands of tone bursts for testing pickups and loudspeakers.)
B 4 –No Artist Test 4. (Wow and flutter. Lateral cut 3khz tone for use with wow and flutter meters.)
B 5 –No Artist Test 5. (Rumble. Lateral cut 1khz reference tone followed by unmodulated grooves for use with appropriate equipment.)

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