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Into The Woods



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Composer: Stephen Sondheim
Label: Walt Disney Records ‎– 0050087320164
Year: 2014
Condition: used
Grade: ex/NM
2 X CD deluxe edition

CD one
1-1 –Prologue: Into The Woods
1-2 –Joanna Riding Cinderella At The Grave
1-3 –Johnny Depp & Lilla Crawford Hello, Little Girl
1-4 –Mackenzie Mauzy Rapunzel's Song
1-5 –Stephen Sondheim The Cape As Red As Blood
1-6 –James Corden The Cow As White As Milk
1-7 –Stephen Sondheim Magic Beans
1-8 –Stephen Sondheim Rapunzel's Hair
1-9 –Stephen Sondheim Granny's Cottage
1-10 –Lilla Crawford I Know Things Now
1-11 –Stephen Sondheim The Beanstalk Grows
1-12 –Stephen Sondheim Cinderella Runs
1-13 –Anna Kendrick A Very Nice Prince
1-14 –Daniel Huttlestone Giants In The Sky
1-15 –Stephen Sondheim "Who Cares!"
1-16 –Stephen Sondheim Baker And Wife Part
1-17 –Stephen Sondheim Princes' Fanfare
1-18 –Chris Pine Agony
1-19 –Stephen Sondheim The Forbidden Tower
1-20 –Stephen Sondheim "May I Compare This Ear Of Corn?"
1-21 –James Corden It Takes Two
1-22 –Stephen Sondheim Two Midnights Gone
1-23 –Stephen Sondheim One Day Left
1-24 –Meryl Streep Stay With Me
1-25 –Stephen Sondheim Jack Chops Down The Beanstalk
1-26 –Anna Kendrick On The Steps Of The Palace
1-27 –Stephen Sondheim "She Won't Get Far With One Shoe"
1-28 –Stephen Sondheim Searching For Cinderella
1-29 –Christine Baranski Careful My Toe
1-30 –Stephen Sondheim The Slipper Fits
1-31 –Stephen Sondheim Rapunzel's Tear
1-32 –Stephen Sondheim "This Cow Is Covered With Flour"
1-33 –Stephen Sondheim Almost Midnight
1-34 –Stephen Sondheim The Witch's Transformation

CD two
2-1 –Stephen Sondheim Ever After (Instrumental)
2-2 –Stephen Sondheim Back Into The Woods
2-3 –Stephen Sondheim Find The Boy
2-4 –Meryl Streep Witch's Lament
2-5 –Chris Pine Any Moment
2-6 –Emily Blunt Moments In The Woods
2-7 –James Corden Your Fault
2-8 –Meryl Streep Last Midnight
2-9 –Stephen Sondheim No More (Instrumental)
2-10 –Stephen Sondheim The Far Away Prince
2-11 –James Corden No One Is Alone
2-12 –Stephen Sondheim The Giant Attack
2-13 –James Corden Finale/Children Will Listen (Part 1)
2-14 –Company - Into The Woods (Motion Picture Cast) Finale/Children Will Listen (Part 2)
2-15 –Stephen Sondheim Stay With Me (Instrumental)
2-16 –Stephen Sondheim Last Midnight (Instrumental)

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