Klivert’s Diary

Klivert's Diary original soundtrack



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Reader: Timothy Davies
Label: SAYDISC SDX 309
Year: 1980
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Side One
Christening Party at Bettws
Whitney Confirmation Disaster
The Funeral of Maria Kilvert
The Unfortunate Curate
The Jump the Broom' Wedding
The Eccentric Solitary
Mrs. Pring's Wedding
Squire Ashe and the Harmonium
Eliza Kilvert's Wedding
Mrs. Corfield/Sarah of the CWM
Cure for Deafness/Clyro Feast Ball
The Miller's Daughter of Whitty's Mill
The Mad Woman of Lower Cwmgwanon
Emma and the Bull
Bidding Farewell
The Man Who Stole Butter
Priscilla Price/Old Christmas Eve
Death of Little Davie

Side Two
Ten Miles for a Kiss
Gipsy Lizzie
From My Bedroom Window
Little Carrie Britton
The Daisy Thomas Affair
Resignation/Change in Spirit
Who Will One Day Long Hence?
Irish Mary
School Gift
Thinking of Daisy
A Hungry Yearning
Pastoral Scene/Beauty, Life and Hope
Expedition to Llanthony
Spirit of Quiet and Gentle Melancholy
Black Mountain Landscape
Twyn-Y-Beddau Tumulus
The Langollen Harper
Wandering the Ancient Paths and Stiles
Why Do I Keep This Voluminous Journal?
Train Journey/Wales Sweet Wales
The Lanhill Experience
The Last Illness

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