Little Dorrit + Nobody’s Fault original soundtrack

Little Dorrit - A Story Told In Two Films
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Composer: guiseppe verdi
Label: filmtrax moment117
Year: 1987
Condition: used
Grade: vg

side one
Music From "Nobody's Fault"
A1 Opening Of Part One (From Giovanna D'Arco) 2:39
A2 Arthur Dreams (From I Due Foscari) 0:27
A3 The Walk To Twickenham (From I Vespri Sicillani) 2:00
A4 Minnie (From Forza Del Destino) 1:18
A5 Arthur In Love (From Forza Del Destino) 0:52
A6 Minnie's Wedding (From Giovanna D'Arco) 2:29
A7 Doyce's Invention (From Ernani) 2:59
A8 The Circumlocution Office (From Luisa Miller) 1:52
A9 Arthur Gives Up (From I Vespri Sicillani) 1:45
A10 Mr Doyce Is Dead (From I Due Foscari) 0:51
A11 Bleeding Heart Yard (From I Vespri Sicillani) 1:44
A12 Little Dorrit's Letter (From I Due Foscari) 0:43
A13 Gambling Fever (Freom Falstaff) 1:02
A14 Arthur's Nightmare (From Rigoletto) 0:32
A15 Apparition Of Little Dorrit (From Otello) 1:38
A16 Street Music (From I Vespri Sicillani) 2:48

side two
Music From "Little Dorrit's Story"
B1 Opening Of Part 2 (From I Masnadieri) 4:55
B2 Fanny's Tune (From Ballo In Maschera) 1:00
B3 The Merdle House (From Ballo In Maschera) 0:42
B4 Mr Arthur's Tea (From Nabucco) 1:20
B5 The Love Of Little Dorrit (From I Masnadieri) 1:30
B6 Little Dorrit's Night Out (From Macbeth) 1:09
B7 Little Dorrit Sets Out (From Simone Boccanegra) 0:50
B8 The Dorrits Leave The Jail (From Giovanna D'Arco) 0:44
B9 Little Dorrit In Venice (From Macbeth) 1:00
B10 The Letter To Arthur (From Don Carlos) 0:55
B11 Society (From Rigoletto) 0:31
B12 Little Dorrit's Return (From Otello) 1:28
B13 Little Dorrit's Plea (From Don Carlos) 1:04
B14 The Collapse Of Mrs Clennam's House (From Simone Boccanegra) 1:34
B15 Finale (From Giovanna D'Arco) 3:18

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