Not The Nine O’Clock News: Memory Kinda Lingers original soundtrack

Not The Nine O'Clock News: Memory Kinda Lingers original soundtrack



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Label: BBC REF 453
Year: 1982
Condition: used
Grade: vg
Double LP set

A1 The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
A2 The News
A3 Budget
A4 Question Time
A5 Headbangers
A6 Rock Interview
A7 Game For A Laugh
A8 Typical, Bloody Typical
A9 Well, Mr Glossop
A10 Financial Times
A11 Hey Bob
A12 New Glea
A13 Holiday Habits
A14 Pizza Moment
A15 Failed In Wales
A16 Rumbley's Pies
A17 Made From Whales
A18 Brain Death
A19 Swedish Chemists
A20 Hey Wow
A21 Nice Video, Shame About The Song
A22 Jackanory
B1 Golf Trousers
B2 The News
B3 Two Ninnies
B4 Two Ninnies Song
B5 Aussie Pilot
B6 Does God Exist?
B7 Re-Altered Images
B8 McEnroe's Breakfast
B9 Ah Come In Rawlinson!
B10 Ask The Family
B11 Polish Show
B12 Aleebee
B13 The Main Points Again
B14 What A Load Of Willies!
B15 (The Memory) Kinda Lingers
B16 Grow Up You Bastards
Not In Front Of The Audience
C1 Confrontation Song
C2 American Improv
C3 Duke Of Kent
C4 Alien
C5 (Oh, Oh, Oh, Means) I Respect You
C6 The Pope's Visit
C6a Introduction By The Dean
C6b A Word From The Sponsors
C6c Tasty Wafer Time
C6d Address By His Holiness
C6e Papal Tee-Shirt Offer
C6f Miracle
C7 Laker!
D1 Simon And Garfunkel
D2 Awards
D3 S.A.S.
D4 Interruptions
D4a Insulting The Audience
D4b Main Sketch
D5 Rant #4
D6 Prompt
D7 Barry Manilow
D8 The Return Of Constable Savage
D9 Gob On You

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