People’s Century – original soundtrack

People s Century original soundtrack
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Composer: Zbigniew Preisner
Label: Virgin VTCD61
Year: 1998
Condition: used
Grade: vg

1 Theme From People's Century 3:19
Age Of Hope (8:56)
2a Quote: Beryl Bristow, American Centenarian
2b Up In The Air
2c Age Of Hope: Paris 1900
2d The March Of The Women
2e Age Of Hope: Things To Come
2f Cry Of The Africans
Killing Fields (6:58)
3a Killing Fields: Lambs To The Slaughter
3b Quote: Walter Hare, British Army Volunteer, 1916
3c What A Life
3d Oui, Oui, Marie
3e Killing Fields: Mud
Red Flag (6:27)
4a Quote: Charles Nisser American Communist
4b My Kuznetzky
4c Red Flag
Lost Peace (4:30)
5a Quote: Anna Masaryka, Grandmother Of Thomas Masaryk, Founder Of The State Of Czechoslovakia
5b Lost Peace: The New Nations
5c Badenviller
5d Lost Peace: Lost Hopes
On The Line (3:41)
6a Quote: Eddie Frow, Worker At Ford Car Plant, 1930
6b On The Line
Great Escape (4:09)
7a Great Escape: Celluloid Dreams
7b Quote: Ena Turnbull, Cinemagoer
7c Take Yor Girlie To The Movies
7d Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye
7e Great Escape: End Of An Era
Breadline (6:24)
8a Quote: Bill Bailey, New York Worker, Victim Of The Great Crash
8b The Panic Is On
8c Breadline: Walking The Streets
8d I Ain't Got No Home Anymore
8e Breadline: A New Deal
Sporting Fever (3:50)
9a Quote: Anna Freund, Baseball Fan
9b Babe Ruth
9c I Do Like To See A Game Of Football
9d Sporting Fever: Uruguay V. Argentina, 1930
Master Race (4:08)
10a Quote: Reinhard Spitzy, Member Of The SS
10b Master Race: Factory, Street And Farm
10c Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4
Total War (6:48)
11a Total War
11b Quote: Betty Lawrence, Trainee Midwife, Plymouth, After The City Was Bombed In March 1941
11c Symphony No. 7 In C, Op. 60Featuring
Brave New World (4:59)
12a Quote: William Robertson, One Of The First US Soldiers To Meet Soviet Soldiers On The River Elbe, April 1945
12b Flying Home
12c Brave New World: Barbed Wire
Boom Time (2:11)
13a Quote: Georgetta Braga
13b Va-Voom Time
13c Boom Time
Freedom Now (10:18)
14a Freedom Now: Independence Day
14b Quote: The Wife Of E.T. Mensah
14c Ghana Freedom
14d Quote: E.T. Mensah, King Of Highlife
14e Freedom Now: Sweat Of Their Labours

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