Phantom of the Opera original soundtrack

Phantom of the Opera original soundtrack



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Composer: Misha Segal
Label: Silva Screen FILM 069
Year: 1989
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track listing
Side 1.
1. Phantom Of The Opera - Main Title Theme
2. Don Juan Triumphant/Travel Through Time
3. The phantom's lair/ hellbound/ maddie
4. Young Phantom's Piano Etude/ davis' unpleasant surprise/Carlotta's Head
5. You are him!/into the lair
6. salon talk
Side 2.
1. The Jewel Song (from Faust)
2. music of the knife/ killing joseph
3. Graveyard Violin/ pact with the devil/richard gets killed
4. ride to the cemetery/ the cursed manuscript/ what's in the closet?
5. the wedding/ the intruder from springwood/ christine's decision/mott stalks the phantom/ davis death/ the phantoms fiery death
6. Phantom Of The Opera - End Title Theme

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