Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films original soundtrack

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films original soundtrack



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Composer: peer raben
Label: that's entertainment records ter1085
Year: 1984
Condition: used
Grade: record is new, sleeve shows signs of browser creasing

Track listing
Side 1.
1. Franz B Theme
from "Berlin Alexanderplatz"
2. Maria's Theme And Waltz
from "The Marriage of Maria Braun"
3. Frankfurt Overture
from "Mother Kuster's Trip to Heaven"
4. Temptation
from "Bolweiser"
5. Serenade For Franz
from "Fox and His Friends"
6. The Likeness
from "Despair"
7. Main Title
from "I Only Want You to Love Me"
8. Night Music
from "Satan's Brew"
9. I Kill Them
from "Whity"
10. Mourning Music
from "Gods of the Plague"
11. Sailor’s Accordion
from "Querelle"

Side 2
1. Serenade Out Of Tune
from "Lola"
2. Blues For Franz
from "The Third Generation"
3. Overture
from "Veronica Voss"
4. Lili Marleen: English Waltz
from "Schatten Der Engel"
5. Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves
from "Querelle"
6. Young and Joyful Bandit
from "Querelle"
7. Boat Journey
from "Berlin Alexanderplatz"

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