Real Radio Wind-up Voume 7 original soundtrack

Real Radio Wind-up Voume 7 original soundtrack

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Label: Real Radio RRWUCD7
Year: 2006
Condition: NEW
Grade: mint

The Real Radio Wind-Up Volume 7
1. You Can't Have Sold My Car, I've Paid For It
2. I'm Stuck In The Boot Dear
3. Will I Give Ma Boaby Mouth 2 Mouth
4. Of Course I'm F**king Smoking
5. It's A Good Job You're Down South Or I'd Punch Your Lights Oot
6. My Mammy Hasnie Had A Bevvie For Years
7. Mrs Galloway, Why Are You On The Roof
8. I Don't Even Know What a Metatarsal Is
9. I;ve Got A NED Budgie
10. Just Snap It Off With A Blunt Implement
11. Haggis Racing,At Wembley Arena,You What
12. I Just Talk To Them Telepathically
13. I Don't Own A Pet Shop,I Don't Even Like Animals
14. Do You Think I'm Running A Laundrette
15. If You Pick Up That Drill Again,I'm Calling the Police
16. I Don't Know Anything About Flipper's Flipper
17. Hi It's Paris, Can I Get A Cheap Room?My Grandad Owns The Place

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