Record Of Lodoss War Chronicles of The Heroic Knight vol.1




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Composer: Kaoru Wada
Label: Yuanding LD-01
Year: 1988
Condition: used
Grade: ex
with wrap band

All music composed by Kaoru Wada except track 1 (composed by Yoko Kanno and sung by Maaya Sakamato) and tracks 11 & 28 (composed by Akino Arai, arranged by Hisaaki Hokari and sung by Chie Ishibashi).
Lyrics by Yuuho Iwasato (track 1) and Akino Arai (11 & 28)

Track listing
Sea Of Miracles (4:21)
Birth Of A Hero (2:23)
Travels Of The Young Knight (:55)
Wandering Island (1:10)
The Black Knight (1:57)
Holy Curtain (1:17)
A Storm Foretelling Danger (:58)
Falling On Troubled Times (:55)
An Angered Berserker (1:28)
Sacrifce to Earth Goddess Marfa (:58)
Barefoot In The Light (3:49)
The Faraway Earth (2:03)
Descendants Of Flame (1:39)
Song Of Battle (:50)
A Hand Extended For Answer (1:42)
The Dancing Minstrel (:57)
Young Fate (1:56)
The Battle Ends and... (1:44)
Travelling Elf (1:28)
Palace Tower (1:31)
The Witch's Line Of Vision (1:27)
City Wall Corner (1:13)
Dragon's Cave (1:13)
Sadness Forever (2:24)
Prayer To The Future (1:29)
Awaken The Spirits (1:11)
My Way Is Guided By The Sun (1:24)
Inverted Rainbows (4:49)

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