Shaft and other 60s & 70s film themes ; original soundtrack

Shaft and other 60s & 70s film themes original soundtrack
Shaft And Other 60s & 70s Film Themes back

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Label: Cinephile ‎– CMDDD042
Year: 2000
Condition: new
Grade: mint
Extras: double cd set

Disc 1
1.Shaft (Synthesonic Sounds)
2.Superfly (Synthesonic Sounds)
3.Also Sprach Zarathustra (From 2001: A Space Odyssey) (Synthesonic Sounds)
4.The Italian Job (Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra)
5.The French Connection (Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra)
6.A Clockwork Orange (Synthesonic Sounds)
7.Pink Panther (Sounds Orchestral)
8.Gonna Fly Now (From Rocky) (Lonnie Youngblood)
9.Jaws (The Royal Doulton Band)
10.Thunderbirds (The Barry Gray Orchestra)
11.Superman (Synthesonic Sounds)
12.Alien (Nostromo)
13.Star Wars (The Royal Doulton Band)
14.The Black Hole (Nostromo)
15.Rollerball (The Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra)
16.The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Stephen Duro)
17.For A Few Dollars More (Synthesonic Sounds)
18.Love Theme (From The Godfather) (The Button Down Brass)
19.Alfie (The Tony Hatch Orchestra)
20.Billy Liar (Acker Bilk) (Leon Young String Chorale)
21.Bedazzled (The Tony Hatch Orchestra)
22.Biltis (Acker Bilk, His Clarinet & Strings)
23.God's Children (From Percy) (The Kinks)
24.Georgy Girl (Jim Dale)
25.To Sir, With Love (Bye-Laws)

Disc 2
1.007 Theme (Sounds Orchestral)
2.From Russia With Love (Sounds Orchestral)
3.Goldfinger (Sounds Orchestral)
4.Thunderball (John Black's Orchestra and Singers)
5.Diamonds Are Forever (Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra)
6.You Only Live Twice (The Victor Silvester Orchestra)
7.Live And Let Die (Synthesonic Sounds)
8.The Man With The Golden Gun (Lulu)
9.Dr Strangelove (The Laurie Johnson Orchestra)
10.Song From M.A.S.H (The Tony Hatch Orchestra)
11.The Virgin Soldiers (March) (The John Schroeder Orchestra)
12.Love Theme From (The Eagle Has Landed) (Acker Bilk, His Clarinet & Strings)
13.Cavatina (From The Deer Hunter) (The Victor Silvester Orchestra)
14.Help! (Synthesonic Sounds)
15.Let It Be/Mrs Robinson (Synthesonic Sounds)
16.Scarborough Fair (From The Graduate) (Jackie Trent) (Tony Hatch)
17.Love Story (The London Pops Orchestra)
18.Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) (From Dr. Zhivago) (The Tony Hatch Sound)
19.Everybody's Talking (From Midnight Cowboy) (Ray Davies)
20.Windmills Of Your Mind (From Thomas Crown Affair) (Petula Clark)
21.A Man And A Woman (The Tony Hatch Sound)
22.Lawrence Of Arabia (London Philharmonia Orchestra) (Maurice Jarre)
23.True Grit (John Black's Orchestra and Singers)
24.Born Free (Ray Davies) (The Button Down Brass)
25.Chariots Of Fire (Acker Bilk, His Clarinet & Strings)

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