Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure original soundtrack

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure original soundtrack

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Composer: George S. Clinton
Label: Walt Disney Records 643823
Year: 2011
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track listing
1 - Ashley Tisdale Gonna Shine
2 –Ashley Tisdale My Boi And Me
3 –Shawn Molko My Girl And Me
4 –Ashley Tisdale New York's Best Kept Secret
5 –Ashley Tisdale The Rest Of My Life
6 –Lucas Grabeel Baby
7 –Aly And AJ* Walking On Sunshine
8 –Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel Fabulous (Remix)
Bonus Tracks From High School Musical
9 –Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel I Want It All
10 –Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel Fabulous
11 –Ashley Tisdale You Are The Music In Me
12 –Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
13 –Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel Bop To The Top

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